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July 2014
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Comedian & Actor D'Lo @DLocoKid talks the magic of queer artistry and how Hollywood is opening up for Transgender talent. He recounts tales of police discrimination, some of which are funnier than others. 

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Educator & Writer Walidah Imarisha @WalidahImarisha parallels social justice movements to works of science fiction, speaks to the international support of #Ferguson, #BlackLivesMatter & #ICantBreathe and encourages a reshaping of our notion of justice. She and Amanda agree that sexism, racism & homophobia stack up in America's long-standing system of repression. 

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Screenwriter Joni Lefkowitz @jonikat talks about her ABC Family show 'Chasing Life', her film 'Life Partners' and staying delusional in Hollywood. She and Amanda agree that third-wheeling is terrible. 

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Activist & Director Tani Ikeda @TaniAppleseed talk co-founding @imMEDIAteFilms to create radical sex education content for young women. She also talks moving & shaking Hollywood in her own feminist ways.

Activist & Actress Madeline Harris @onepunkypixie talks her Anti-Rape campaign @MoreThanNo & the efficacy of lighthearted PSA's about consent. (starts at :40 mark - trigger warning: discussions of sexual assault)

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Writer & Performer Brittani Nichols @bishilarious talks about her ColorCreative.Tv pilot 'Words With Girls', the necessity of creating one's own content & the blips of success in this wacky town. She and Amanda encourage LGBT actors to move out to Hollywood so that they can cast them in their productions!

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Writer & Performer Eliza Skinner @elizaskinner talks about the current polarization of gender in media & her fangirling out on Geena Davis. She and Amanda encourage listeners to build a feminist bubble around themselves! They also talk about porn & 'sex sells'.

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Activist Emily Lindin of The UnSlut Project @UnSlutProject talks about slut-shaming, the ownership of our bodies as young girls & how sex-bullying prevention starts in the home. She and Amanda chant for Hillary '16!

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Musician TamTam @tamtam_sound talks moving from Saudi Arabia to Ojai, California & the importance of cross-cultural communication. She and Amanda discuss overcoming naysayers to create your art.

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Feminist filmmaker Darryl Roberts talks about the overwhelmingly healing response to his film America The Beautiful 3: The Sexualization of Our Youth. Darryl & Amanda agree that protective parenting & better legislation for women are key. 

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Comedian & Host Abbi Crutchfield @curlycomedy remembers her walk of shame to retrieve a pair of (clean) underwear and reports that she doesn't love reporting women's ages. She & Amanda agree that the NYC streets are safest for women between 4am-6am. 

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Activist, Writer & Derby Girl Genevieve Danger Berrick of @LAHollaback fantasizes about walking down safe, carefree streets and having the full athletic capacity of women be utilized. She and Amanda agree that the word 'hello' can be scary. 

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Writer & comedian Gaby Dunn @gabydunn lets feminism color her work, anticipates The Matriarchy (only half-jokingly) & has a DIY lease on life. She and Amanda talk introducing the fight for women's rights to their fathers. 

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Feminist writer & comedian Ruby Karp @rubykarp talks spreading Feminism to kids her age and the impact anti-sexism could have on future generations. She and Amanda agree that slut-shaming need be policed.

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Wrtier & Producer Emily V Gordon @thegynomite talks about her new Comedy Central show and the big moments in life that make you who are. She and Amanda agree that loving relationships require respect & courtesy. 

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Director and writer Ingrid Jungermann @Fto7th talks about her love of deeply personal content and being pro-bisexuality. She and Amanda bond over their mommy issues.

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Comedian & writer Jenny Yang @jennyyangtv talks about her background in politics, weaving difficult issues into comedy and the privelege of being seen as an individual. Jenny and Amanda that every week is a doozy for feminism!

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Feminist comedian Erin Gibson @gibblertron talks about her entry into feminism, the 'can women have it all' question and how little pelvic thrusting there is in America. She and Amanda show their love for Planned Parenthood.  

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Young feminist Clara and comedian James Fritz @jamesfritzcomic talk about the status of the women's rights movement and how it can be integrated into the social fabric. James and Amanda discuss combatting misogyny in the comedy scene.  

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Guru Damian Hagglund of the Veda Holistic Health group blows Amanda's mind with his enlightenment on the topics of health, feminism and love. The Vedic Master and Amanda agree that all relationships should be based in friendship.

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Comedian Aida Rodriguez @funnyaida talks about the benefits of being on Last Comic Standing, the messages she hopes to spread for women & women being socialized to hate each other. She and Amanda muse about their desires for Tina Fey-esque careers.

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Chelsea Lately comedian & writer Jen Kirkman @jenkirkman talks forgiving your bullies, everyday sexism and beauty policing. She and Amanda gush over Madonna.

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Writer/Model Melissa Stetten @MelissaStetten talks about how her writing career legitimized her existence and her transcension of the 'dumb model' stereotype. She & Amanda agree that a woman's looks do little to help in the process of self-discovery. 

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Muay Thai fighter Natalie Morgan @ladykillface talks about the 'Art of 8 limbs', the origins of her nickname, and how it feels to be a buff woman in public. She and Amanda convene on the advantages of dating someone who works out. 

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Comedian & Feminist Jake Weisman @weismanjake talks misogyny in America, the #YesAllWomen and his love of cats. He and Amanda encourage everyone to speak openly about their sexuality. 

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Writer & Director Annika Kurnick talks religion, plant medicines & her new film GASP. She and Amanda disparage over the lack of humor in New Age spirituality.

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SNL Alumna Mary Gross talks standing up for herself as a woman at Saturday Night Live in its early years, having a funny mother, and a remarkably feminine spirit. She & Amanda agree that out of great sadness comes great comedy. 

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Screenwriter & Political Consultant Kate Stayman-London @_ksl talks bisexuality, Internet activism & going viral with LadiesAgainstHumanity.tumblr.com. Amanda and Kate share their 'I met Kathy Griffin' stories. 

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UCB Improvisor & player on FOX's RIOT Jessica McKenna @jessrmckenna talks massages, peaking at age 18 & rapping as a party trick. Amanda admits to scat singing in her free time.

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Therapist & Sex Scientist Paula Helu Fernandez entered psychology after Kurt Cobain's suicide, thinks monogamy should be an option & gives a thumbs up to erotic exploration. Amanda talks with Paula about her sexual past & present. 

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Photographer Megan McIsaac @MeganMcIsaac founded the artist collective Inspired Women of LA in the spirit of collaboration and community. She dances a lot in the privacy of her own home & has been shooting artistic nudes for years.

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Comedian & Actress Kira Soltanovich @kiracomedy tells of Russian parties, teaching her son sarcasm and the phrase "ARE YOU GUYS READY FOR A LADY?". She talks Amanda out of wanting a child of her own. 

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Nidhi Handa @BlissByNumbers is a Life Coach, Business Coach & Numerologist. She talks happiness, Gwenyth Paltrow & dating apps being good for your psyche. Amanda loves Nidhi very much & thinks she's a fantastic person to have in her life. 

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Filmmaker Jessie Kahnweiler @shegotchutzpah talks kissing Gary Busey, a female director's intuition & attacking taboos. Amanda chats with Jessie's mom on air about breastfeeding.

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Kate Berlant @kateberlant talks about her fear of missing out, the power of a woman in corporate attire, and how much she talks to herself when she's alone. Amanda fans out a bit, commending her hypnotic & unique performances. 

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Rye @ryesilverman talks about being transgender, a glorious parody of Batman & Jared Leto. Amanda admits to letting it loose for feminist men. 

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Lesbian Porn Producer & Artist Kristen Ridley (@stencade @artdyke) talks Polyarmoy, Actual Lesbian Porn and Gardening. Amanda opens up about her bisexuality. 

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Actress and comedian Angela Trimbur @angelatrimbur recounts placing third in the Miss Teen Pennslyvania pageant, then Amanda asks questions from the Proust questionnaire.

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Aparna @aparnapkin muses about her charm, her shyness as a child & her ideal dinner party. Amanda blabbers on about meditation.

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Women's rights activist and Executive Director of @womensvoicesnow Heidi Basch-Harod speaks on mens' involvement in the women's rights movement, women banding together and creating an international platform to strengthen human rights in the Muslim world through filmmaking. 

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Beth Stelling @bethstelling and Amanda talk dating long distance, sibling relations and making people laugh. 

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